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Coronavirus Vulnerable Populations

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Coronavirus Vulnerable Populations

Vulnerable Populations - Story Map

This story map and its associated dashboards contain Northern Virginia maps of coronavirus case rates by zip code maps, testing rates by zip code maps, and testing sites. The mapped case rate data is compared with mapped demographics of vulnerable populations for purposes of identifying correlations between high case rates and where vulnerable populations reside. The testing rates and sites are mapped for purposes of identifying communities that may need more testing services and to provide information to the public on where they can get tested. The coronavirus case and testing rate data are from the Virginia Department of Health. The testing site's data is obtained from the Virginia Department of Health and local governments. 

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Coronavirus Cases Story Map.jpg

NOTE: As of May 27, 2021, NVRC will no longer maintain the Northern Virginia Coronavirus Impacted Areas and Population story map. 

Vulnerable Populations - Impact Planning Report Dashboard

The coronavirus and vulnerable populations dashboard contains up-to-the-minute, real-time coronavirus case summary information for the Northern Virginia region and its counties and cities. The coronavirus information comes from the renowned Johns Hopkins University COVID-19 GIS database. The dashboard also contains demographics at the region, county, and census tract level for assessing potentially vulnerable populations in Northern Virginia.

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Coronavirus GIS Dashboard.JPG

Immigrant Population

The Immigration Study Dashboard provides a report published on October 21, 2020 that details the role of immigrants in Northern Virginia during the Covid-19 pandemic as well as the impact that the pandemic has had on the immigrant community.


The immigrant population is especially vulnerable to gaps in our social safety nets. Understanding this population in Northern Virginia helps better inform local leaders as they aim to implement inclusive emergency response policies.

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Immigration Report NAE

Social Vulnerability

The U.S. Center for Disease Control's (CDC) 2018 Social Vulnerability Index (SVI) indicates the relative social vulnerability of every Virginia census tract.  Social vulnerability is a measure of an area's resilience when confronted by disease outbreaks like the coronavirus (COVID-19) and stress on human nature such as natural or man-made disasters.  The SVI can be used by governments and non-government entities to identify communities that may need support.  

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Social Vulnerability.JPG

Senior Population

The senior population has been one of the most vulnerable population in the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic. The senior population data and maps are a resource for government and non-government entities to identify communities in Virginia and the Northern Virginia region that may need support.

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Senior Population.JPG